About the Journal

       Journal Name : Biotica Research Today

       Editor-in-Chief : Dr. K.P. Kiran Kumar

       e-ISSN : 2582-6654

      Frequency : Monthly

       Published since : 2019

       Publisher(s) : Society for Biotic and Environmental Research (SBER) & BIOTICA


Biotica Research Today (ISSN: 2582-6654, Online) is an Open Access Peer-Reviewed Journal of Scientific Research and therefore papers of general significance that are written clearly and well organized will be given preference. It publishes Research & Review Articles, Short Communications, General/Popular articles, Success Stories, Scientific correspondence, News, Meeting reports, Research News, Opinion articles etc. All papers, solicited and unsolicited, will be first assessed by a Reviewing Editor.

It intends to promote all fields of Science and Technology viz., Agriculture & Horticulture, Fisheries Sciences, Animal & Veterinary Sciences, Food & Dairy Technology, Biotechnology, Environmental Sciences, Forestry, Botany, Zoology, Physiology, Medical & Clinical Sciences, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Engineering etc.

Features of the Journal

  • It publishes 12 issues per year.
  • We are having a strong editorial team to fulfill all the editorial activities within the timeline.
  • No processing/submission charges & only nominal publication charges.
  • Open Access: Unrestricted visibility to the readers.
  • High Visibility: Google Scholar, ResearchGate, etc.

Submission of Articles

Authors are invited to submit their papers strictly formatted as per the Author Guidelines to  editorresearchtoday@gmail.com.

About SBER

The Society for Biotic and Environmental Research (SBER) came into existence on 2018 in Tripura under Act XXI of 1860 (Regd. No. 8067 of 2019/ NITI Aayog ID No. TR/2019/0229149) in Tripura as a Non-profit scientific and educational society of likeminded academician, researchers, scientists from all over the nation for the increased furtherance and diffusion on knowledge of Life Sciences in general and Environment Science in particular.

Our Aim and Objectives

The main objective of the society is to make attempt for the development and extension of scientific research related to Life Sciences including Agriculture and allied branches and implementation of these research out comes in the upliftment of scientific and farming community. Its major aims and objectives include promotion and dissemination of innovative research outcomes among young minds and researchers, setting up regional and state Chapters, to hold national/international level conferences, symposium, seminars, training, brainstorming sessions, meetings.