Pickle Making Tradition of Bihar: A Cultural Heritage Paving the Way for Women Entrepreneurship


  • Subhash Kumar Saurav Division of Agricultural Extension, ICAR-Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi (110 012), India
  • Vani Chandran Dept. of Agricultural Extension Education, College of Agriculture, Padannakkad, Kerala Agricultural University, Kerala (671 314), India
  • Saurabh Pandey Dept. of Agricultural Extension and Communication, Anand Agricultural University, Anand, Gujarat (388 110), India


Bihar, Entrepreneurship, Pickle, Women


The pickle making tradition of Bihar holds a significant place in the state's cultural heritage, showcasing a remarkable culinary art passed down through generations. This age-old practice not only preserves the diversity of local produce but also empowers women to embrace entrepreneurship and gain economic independence. The process involves carefully selecting fresh fruits and vegetables, which are then combined with a unique blend of spices and preserved in oil or vinegar, creating a burst of flavours. Traditionally confined to domestic roles, women in Bihar have found empowerment and financial freedom through pickle making. As the demand for traditional homemade pickles has surged both locally and globally, women have harnessed this opportunity to turn their kitchens into thriving micro-enterprises. The pickle making tradition of Bihar empowers women, fostering entrepreneurship for economic independence and social recognition. Preserving and supporting women pickle makers promotes inclusive economic growth and gender equality.


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Saurav, S.K. et al. 2023. Pickle Making Tradition of Bihar: A Cultural Heritage Paving the Way for Women Entrepreneurship. Biotica Research Today. 5, 8 (Aug. 2023), 596–599.



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